Rjómalagið 23. september : Milky Wimpshake – Didn’t We?

Það er víst kominn föstudagur enn einu sinni. Þá er við hæfi að sletta aðeins úr klaufunum, vaka lengi frameftir og alveg tilvalið að vakna með timburmenn í fyrramálið. Það kom einmitt fyrir hann Pete Dale í Milky Wimpshake einn daginn og einhvernvegin svona var reynsla hans af því:

Milky Wimpshake – Didn’t We?

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This hangover was the definition of purgatory
Lying in bed, I was stuck between drunk and disorderly
It was too painful to open my eyes
Eventually I managed and to my surprise
snoring like a pig, you were sleeping by my side

It was two months since I had broken up with you
Reaching for the phone I told my boss I had the flu
You woke up as I put the phone down
rubbed your eyes and looked around
“What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck?!”
was all I could say to you

I thought I had broken up with you, didn’t I?

Waking up first had been an early warning
cos you were never at your best in the morning
You didn’t scream so I was amazed
Memories lost in a drunken haze
The most important question:
Who made the first move?

I thought I had broken up with you, didn’t I?

“I thought I had broken up with you, didn’t I?”
“No, you’re far too cowardly, you just run and hide”
“Oh well, since you’re here anyway,
why don’t you just stay all day?
I could make us breakfast late this afternoon.”

I found I was making up with you, wasn’t I?

Making up, breaking up
Making up, making out…

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